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Tom is a professional speaker for hire of healthy living programs. Engaging the audience with humor, video, storytelling, quotes, images, testimonies, and drama, his style is both entertaining and educational. A Chicagoland native, Tom prides himself on providing local and practical tips on how to rock the fundamentals of exercising, eating, and thinking. These fundamentals of healthy living can add value to any organization. Joined with Tom’s enthusiasm and compassion, they can be fun too.

  • Master the fundamentals of maintaining a positive attitude in today's divisive climate.

  • Discover how creating healthy habits is the key to shaping your life and creating positive emotions which fuel motivation.

  • Learn how a heightened awareness of your thoughts can decrease random negative self-talk and create room for inspiration to dwell and grow.

  • Join Bosnian War Veteran Tom Kens as he takes you through a day in the life of a sailor onboard the USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier. You’ll also learn how the experience forged his attitude of gratitude and how you can use gratitude to cultivate more happiness in your own life.

Tom Kens is a proud veteran of the armed forces, founder of the Sole Seekers Walking Club™, self-help author, and certified life coach through Optimize Public Benefit Corporation. Serving in the United States Navy, Tom fought to promote freedom and democracy worldwide. Stateside, Tom continues to fight for freedom as he helps Americans battle the stress and fatigue that leads to mediocrity in life.

Through his “Small Steps to a Healthier You” series of talks Tom has helped thousands of people throughout the country, live healthier, happier lives. With the popularity of the talks growing, he has taken the series to libraries, colleges, prisons, churches, retirement communities, and businesses alike.

Tom, his wife, Amy, and their two children live in the Chicagoland area.


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The Chronicles of Mojo

This blog is meant to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. A positive story or quote to remind us that all is not evil in the world.


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