The Statue of Liberty from the Bow of the USS John F. Kennedy, taken while I attended Fleet Week in May of ’98.

I often heard stories from my grandparents about my ancestors, who migrated from Poland, and how the first thing they would see was the Statue of Liberty. My Grandpa told me how his father broke down into tears when he first saw Lady Liberty. She was a symbol of freedom and hope for him and immigrants coming from all over the world. The torch that Lady Liberty carries is a light to guide immigrants to America, a symbol of freedom and an opportunity to live the life of their dreams.

We too are a symbol of hope for many. Our torch is our passion, our energy. Others gravitate towards it. They want to be like us having a positive attitude and working towards their dreams. The problem is that most Americans are sick and tired. They do not have a strong enough body or mind to withstand the stresses of everyday life in this fast paced society. So they merely exist in life. They just go through the motions trying to get to the end of the day. They just don’t have the energy to work towards their dreams.

That is our mission and the purpose of this website. To help anyone who is looking to build a stronger body and mind, so that they too can find their passion in life.