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The following are comments from evaluations made by anonymous students at Moraine Valley Community College.

* Classes taught from 3/5/12 to 10/19/15

What about this Class was Most useful to You?

“The instructor’s positive energy & willingness to share his life.”

“Instructor made everyone comfortable.”

“Great handouts to take home & recipes to use.”

“Real life tactics that can be used every day by anyone to begin/improve exercise program.”

“Incorporating shopping tips (price/where to buy) in addition to nutritional value & recipes made it extremely practical. I knew I would get a lot out of this course but it was even more then expected.”

“The demonstration of exercises was most helpful because I am a visual learner.”

“Instructor was/is aggressive & positive, very educated in his topics and has a good sense of humor.”

“Helped me to get motivated to work out.”

“Whole class - helped explain good eating habits. How to make better choices.”

“Tom went through slow & made sure everyone understood everything.”

“Fact filled course on healthy eating presented in a fun and energetic way.”

“The Instructor’s Positive Attitude. It was very apparent that this is his way of life. I’m leaving with many tips to become a more positive person.”

What about this Class was Least useful to You?

“Seems great the way it is. Play more AC/DC.”

“Give more time for this class. Teacher was phenomenal! Class needs to be longer.”

“Nothing I Loved it.”

”The whole course was useful to me.”

“Too short. Only 1.5 hours - or maybe I just didn’t want it to end!”

Overall Comments:

“Motivated instructor related well to students.”

“Instructor was very upbeat & we could see how much he loves what he does.”

“Power Point Presentation was extremely well done & presented. Tom’s Enthusiasm is infectious.”

“He (Tom) was great - very non-judgmental & very helpful.”

“Tom is a very positive speaker and whenever I attend one of his classes, I leave very uplifted.”

“I’m really glad I came.”

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