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For the majority of my life I tried every infomercial, patented system, and magic pill trying to lose weight and achieve better health. None of it worked. I was frustrated and confused. It seemed like everything I read contradicted something I had previously learned. When I exercised, should I do cardio or weight training? Should I run or walk? Use light weight or heavy weight?  When dieting, should I follow a no fat, high protein, low carb, no carb regime or eat nothing at all!? After a lifetime of failures, I decided to become a certified fitness trainer. I wanted to know the truth about diet & exercise, and how the body worked. 

I soon discovered that much of what I was reading in the magazines and watching on TV had little to no research to back it. It was based off some self-proclaimed experts opinion. Usually a spin off of something they read in another magazine! The problem with most media is that in order to be successful, they have to support the latest fad. If they reported what actually worked, it would be the same issue or episode every day and they’d go out of business. The truth, what really works, is simple. We need to eat more whole foods and less processed foods. We need to move more and sit less. Applying that knowledge I soon boosted my energy, increased my self confidence, and reduced my stress, which positively effected every area of my life. 

After conquering my own insecurities and focusing my energy on the positives, I found my true passion; helping empower others with the knowledge to live a better quality of life. That’s how “Small Steps to a Healthier You” was born. It’s a step-by-step guide to help anyone seeking to make positive lifestyle changes.  

It’s my goal to help as many Americans as possible live a more productive life by building a strong body & mind. Realizing that once you develop an inner strength, you’ll have the energy to move forward in life and find your true calling. 

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